Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Don't Feel Good At All

Hindi ako kampante sa buhay ko ngayon :( I have a lot of IW's to make plus our IP Defense :( Huhuhu. Plus a problem with someone. Plus other school stuffs. Plus my brothers. Plus a problem with someone. Plus another problem with someone :( I'm so redundant. Lol. But seriously, I don't know what to do now :( I really hate it if I get infatuated with something/someone. Problems would tend to show up. I mean, I can't balance my time.

I want to do something, but I need to do something. That's my problem. Huhu T.T

>> Result of tolerating myself too much with some things that I WANT to do. I'm so dumb. I'm so random.

Whoa. Random mind.

I don't understand myself at all.


Saturday, January 19, 2013


The DREAM K-POP FANTASY CONCERT will start in any minute by now. It kills me to death right now knowing that I, myself, won't be able to see L, SEHUN, SEOHYUN, LUHAN, KRIS, ELI AND CHANYEOL :( I WANT TO SEE/MEET THEM IN PERSON SO BAD!!! HUHU T.T


Sana pumunta man lang sila dito sa Cebu! Kahit isang minuto lang! HUHU T.T

Saturday, January 5, 2013

RDE #3: To-Do list for later

So tomorrow, January 7, 2012, our class will resume. And I haven't made any of my assignments/projects to be pass tomorrow :( These are the important things that I need to do later:

1. Go to church/attend the mass.
2. Buy the diff. materials to be used in chem(styroballs, pencil & watercolor).
3. Make the project in computer(to be put in a cartolina).
4. Edit the draft for Abstract and rationale(Investigatory project).
5. Make the English assignment.
6. Study for a quiz in Chemistry.
7. Make mass journal for Christian Living.

I have a lot of things to do for later :( I just hope I can finish it on time and I can have some time to read wattpad. Mygoooosh. Help me please :( Torture day will start later. Just Oh My Freaking Gosh! ><

I really don't like my Christmas Vacation. I was just at home the whole time. Sooo boring. And now I need to do all those things listed above. Great. Just great.


P.S. I hope I can finish all those things. Help me please, Oh God.

I NOMINATE! (Not Official)

Kasi hindi na pwedeng mag-nominate so I'll just nominate whoever I want to nominate on my own. Lol. Cut-off na kasi kagabi <///3 Hindi ako nakaabot :( I really, really want to nominate so I'll just share to you kung sino gusto ko inominate kung nakaabot pa ako before sa cut-off time kagabi :))

I'LL JUST NOMINATE(Share lang ako sa gusto kong inominate ha?) These are not the official winners. These are just the writers/stories/characters that I think are the best among others. Hihi. INONOMINATE KO LANG PO TO.

  • Writer of the Year: shirlengtearjerky
  • Best Restricted Stories/Non-teen Fiction Writer: misswitty
  • Humor Writer of the Year: simplychummy
  • Most Active Writer of the Year: misswity
  • Friendliest Author: Kkabyul
  • Most Recommended Author: haveyouseenthisgirl
  • Deepest Author: SGWannaB
  • Most Supportive Reader/s’ award: AKO! :P
  • Best Female Character Award: Jersey Santiago-Santos(TDG)
  • Best Male Character Award: John Kevin Uy Santos(TDG)
  • Best Endearment: Sexylove and Lovebabe :"">
  • Antagonist of the Year: Ynna Henares(FHDGK)
  • Couple of the Year: Jersey and Kevin :)
  • Most Mysterious Award: Seth Anthony Bello(IIF)
  • Funniest Award: Neo Aguilar(Avah Maldita)
  • Most Romantic Character Award: John Kevin Uy Santos <3
  • Story of the Year: The Despicable Guy
  • Best Drama Story: She's Dating The Gangster
  • Best Humor Story: Avah Maldita
  • Most Romantic Story: Secretly Married
  • Most Mysterious Story: 
  • Best Ongoing Story: Teen Clash(Boys vs Girls)
  • Best Finished Story: Secretly Married
  • Best Short Story: 
  • Best Fan Fiction: 
  • Best One Shot: Waiting for the train(haveyouseenthisgirl)
  • Best Prologue: She's Dating the gangster
  • Most Romantic Line: "The best way to lose is lose yourself to someone you truly love" (TDG)
  • Most Hurtful Line: (I dnt know the exact line pero related po!) "yes, I used my brain not my stupid cardiac muscle and I've decide d that it's ot you.." -Barbs(IIF)
  • Patama Award: 
  • Best Video Trailer: Never talk back to a gangster/TBYD
  • Best Cover: If I Fall 


sa paggawa po ng mga parang questions/ yung may bullet2, salamat po sa Wattpad Pinoy! <3

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Entry #2: What Makes Me Happy :)

Another random entry(RDE) from me! Well, because it's been a year since I started blogging.. I just want to share some stuffs to you and it's all about the things that I think would make me happy..

Reading wattpad stories/novels, reading fashion blogs/personal style blogs/personal blogs, receiving random gifts, going to a park(because I love the ambiance there and it would make me feel relax), seeing Sehun and Jonghun's picture, hmmmmmm.. EATING!!! Loool. Well, doing those stuffs would really make me feel happy. I don't know why, but its just that.. it satisfies me or they are one of my delectation. In short.. ANTI-DEPRESSANT. I just don't know 'cause whenever I'm a loner, when I do those things, it just makes me feel that I'm not alone.. Hhhaha! I'm so melodramatic :DD Sorry for that! 

I'm gonna share "What makes me happy things" again some other time :)) It's already 12:04 AM here in Cebu.. gotta go 'cause I'm still reading some random story in wattpad!! :))


Random Entry #1

Guys!! I'm back :) Starting today, I think I'm gonna treat this blog as my diary. Well, sort of a diary. Like posting random things that would satisfy me. LOOOL!

So... This January 7, monday, will be our "Coming back to school" spiel and I haven't made any thing for our investigatory project! I'm soooo dumb! Really dumb :(( I hate myself for not being disciplined. Lol. 

Anyways, I changed the template of this blog. So.. what can you say? Is it okay or not? If not, then I'm gonna change it again.. Comment pleaseeeeee :)))