Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marchesa Fashion Designs, New York

 This is one of my favorite designs of Marchesa. Well, admit it! It's gorgeous, right? Don't forget to leave a comment! Hopefully.
 Leighton Meester, star of Gossip girl, wore this at some event. Well, Leighton rocks this fabulous jumsuit style! I also love this. The style is so unique, like a evening dress. But this one is a jumsuit evening dress..
 Another Jumpsuit! :)
 Unique design! && well, totally great! The details are cool, right?
 the foldings are cool.
 It looks like a vintage dress. Oooh My gosh, I remebered the movie of ms. Ruffa Gutierez, wherein her wedding dress is a vintgage style and a ghost, a beautiful ghost was the owner of the dress!

 I imagined myself, that I wore this dress. I really did! And, t'was a cool night, wherein Daniel Padilla was my escort. But I just imagined it. Well, I really wish it would come true! :) BE PATIENT!


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                        i really love this outfit of Ms. Camille Co! :))

 Gorgeous, isn't it? Well you should really agree. Look at her other outfits, too. All I can say is that she have her amazing and cool outfits. Well, definitely Ms. Camille Co rocks them.

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