Sunday, February 19, 2012


Oh yeah, I found these 2 lovies in tumblr. And, I really, really love the shoes! :) If you've been a reader here in my blog for months now, you really knew how much I love shoes and I even have a post about it(check out my shoe obsession post in my archive shown at the left side of my blog). I am really obsessed with shoes, that's why I was inlove with this picture! HAHA, and it also have a "daydreaming" thing. Just look at it! :))

 Love it right?! Hehe, I got these from my friends blog, I immediately save this 2 so that I can post it here in my blog and you can also witness its beauty! HAHA :) Thanks soo much for reading! Pls. keep reading my blog and you'll be updated for sure :)

Loraine Ira :*

Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday, February 12, 2012, me and my cousin Rowena went to MV Logos Hope. It is the largest floating bookstore here in our world, it is also the replacement for MV Duolos after it was bought to a Singaporean rich man. This is my 4th time  to be in a boat this big. My first time was when we went to Davao with my family. 2nd and 3rd time is when I went inside MV Duolos! :)) I was grade 3 and 6 when I went there. And now, 4th time>> MV Logos Hope! I really love books that's why I immediately went here when my classmate told me about this floating bookstore. I bought 2 books. And, you know what?! There books are sooo cheap and so affordable! In your 350 pesos, you can now buy 3 or 5 books, depends on the price :) It's their last dayb tomorrow! So check 'em out!! Because maybe, they'll be here after the next 3 years! :))

So, I'm gonna show you the pics inside and outside the boat! You're gonna love it!

 The boat!

 Oh My gorgeous, look at my eyebags! ><

 This is where we bought our tickets to the boat :) Their crews are so friendly! When we took this shot, we were really shocked that this american crew posed! HAHA, it was really funny! :))
BTW, There ticket is 20.00 and if you are 12 years old under, it's free!

 The lifeboat theater! Your first top to this amazing boat! Before you go on your journey to shop for books, you will have to stop here and be oriented in what to do here inside the boat. It's a one-way journey :))

 Their history! :)


 That boy over there, is one of their friendly crews! :)

 That's me in The music shop!

 This stuff toys cost 150 pesos :)

 The cashier or counter! Where you purchase your books!

 This is the journey of life. From the lifeboat theater to the bookshop to journey of life! :)

 The International Cafe or Icafe! :() When you're on your way there, you can smell the popcorn and coffee!

 Still in the journey of life!

 Journey of life still! :)

 We are going home! :) Still took a photo and snapped! HAHA :)

Took a photo here before we went home! Savoring the moments! :)

Hope you love it! It was really fun, because I'm a booklover and never gets tired of reading books! HAHA! Go there tomorrow. It's their last day! February 14, 2012 is their last day here in Cebu, so go there and have fun shopping and eating! You're going to meet their friendly crews! :)) Mwah, mwah. stay tuned for more posts! Love you all! xx

Loraine Ira :*

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last February 6, 2012 here in Cebu, Philippines and neighboring province, Negros Orriental was panicking about magnitude 6.9. I was at school at that time and we're going to take our lunch until a strong shake on the floor, I felt it and never thought that it was an earthquake because I just think that it was my classmate moving my chair but I was wrong until one of my classmate shouted that it was an earthquake! So we ducked under our armchair and was really rattled, thinking what to do next! The quake lasted for about a minute. It took it a minute to end!  So, I was really, really scared because if I go home, I will have to cross that bridge and maybe it will crack! And, it was my first time to experience a quake! 

Thank God, Cebu just felt the shake, but unfortunately, Negros was really the target of that quake! I feel so sad for them :<
So here are some photos and videos regarding what happened last monday:

The people were running because they thought that the water is coming after them. But, it was just a FALSE ALARM! Screw that person who announced about tsunami! 

These photos happened in Negros, I feel soooo sad for them! Please pray for them to recover from this devastating quake! I hate seeing people experiencing from this kind of devastations! >< Please pray for them all the time, it will be a great help for them..


Take a look what this bitch posted about us, visayans! I HATE HER!!

 Any reactions from what she did?! She's such a bitch and most of all, EVIL! Like Dofenshmirtz! Ughhh! I'm just so pissed for what she did to us! What did she ever think in her liitle, brainy! That we, visayans, are Freaking baduys?! Who is she to tell us that?!?! Well, in fact, she's the on who's BADUY! I HATE YOU, YOU DAMN, BITCH, AHCEE FLORES! ><

And, I was glad about this photo! Who won't be?! HAHAHAHA!

Guys, I would like to say sorry for being so provocative of my attitude. I just can't help this feeling, calling us, baduys?! And, praying us to death! I can't take all what she said! Sooo sorry, I'm just being honest of what I felt and I what I think about her. 

Loraine Ira :<


HEY guys! I miss you, I miss blogging, I miss posting! So sorry for not being here for about a week or 2 weeks I guess.. I was really busy about school and styling priorities and also submitting application forms and posing for a magazine! HAHA, yeah in i-dressup. Well, I'm just being honest for what I did these past 2 weeks.

So, as my apology and offering(naks!) I want you to take a loot at these designs I made last, last saturday :))
I hope you're going to leave a comment! :)) Thanks! :))

This is NOT my design, guys. This is a design of ate Camille Co . So nice, fabulous and amazing, right?! RIGHT?! I'm LOL-ing right now! Sorry for that. Well, I saw this on style bible when I was browsing for some fabulous Prom dress. And, II fell in love with this design! I mean, look at that dress! It's SOO PINK <3 and so gorgeous!  

Thanks guys for taking a look at my designs. Much loviess! I hope you're gonna check out my blog everytime, and I'm gonna post my new designs sooner or later and promise to keep you posted! Thanks for reading my blog! Til next time.

Loraine Ira :*