Saturday, November 17, 2012

Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Okay, so I know that I posted this last year but I just want to share it to you again! I met my 3 favorite fashion bloggers last year December 10, 2011. I still did not forgot the date! That's how I value different meetings especially if the one that I'm gonna meet are my favorites! Haha. They went here in cebu for a meet and greet at "What a girl wants" boutique or simply WAGW SM Cebu. That day was somehow one of my UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS/DAYS!! I can still remember how starstrucked I was when I finally met them! When I finally talked to them, hugged them, took a picture with them and everything! Lol. I can even remember when I asked ate Camille on how to get tall and she said, "Milk? Or Cheriffer?!" Hhahaha. That's what she had told me :D Even when I immediately went to sm supplies to buy a notebook for them to sign me an autograph and luckily, they really did!! How lucky I was :D Until it's time for me to go home and when I bid my goodbye to ate Camille(Cause she's really my favorite!), I told her that she really inspired me, that she's my favorite. The words that I told her was all true! I'm sincere. I don't wanna lie. And when I told her those, she cried :( I'm not making up stories here. I'm just telling you all the truth :D I told you, IT'S SO UNFORGETTABLE. UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. 

And because they are my favorite(including Tricia Gosingtian <3) I bought the September 2012 issue of the preview mag for me to support them! <3 I'm a die-hard fan! HAHAHA :D

Camille CoLaureen UyKryz UyTricia Gosingtian :D

Friday, November 16, 2012

Unrequited Love

Hi guys! Can I ask you a favor? Please do read my poem in wattpad entitled, "Unrequited Love!" :)
It will be also good if you Vote, comment and also be a fan :) Pleaseeeee do! Thank you so much.

Just click this to direct you to the poem >> Unrequited Love by msSavannah :)

Favorite Songs

I'm gonna share some things to you about me starting right now and let's start with my TOP 6 Favorite songs. Yeah. You read it right. Top 6, not top 5(LOL). Hhihihi! I'm bored so just forgive me if i'm telling you things that are sooo senseless. Haha. Anyways my top 6 songs are:

1. Good To You by Marianas Trench ft. Jessica Lee
2. Vulnerable by Secondhand Serenade
3. Hear Me by Kathryn Donato
4. Wonderwall by Oasis
5. Prove me Wrong by Fireflight
6. Wings by Little Mix

Yeah! That's my Top 6 <3 I'm gonna share someday to you why I LOVE THOSE SONGS!! <3 I'm just so sleepy now, that's why I can't share why I love them :(

Goodnight, doodies!! <3

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm always a fan of the twilight Saga. From twilight to New moon, Eclipse Breaking dawn part 1 &2. Even though Robert and Kristen splitted for a quite time but went back together again, I really don't care cause I love their movie and just want to support it! I haven't read the 4 books. But I read the 1st half of Twilight. I really love the movie!! 

Anyways.. Me and my friends: Arianne, Tricia Kate and Jane watched it awhile ago and damn! It's so freaking nice even though for me it's "bitin!" HAHAHA <3 I had fun cheering and stuffs. I'm so noisy inside the cinema! LOL. One of Alice's vision was about more likely called to be a "war" between the Volturi and the Cullen's. I never expected that Carlisle, Jasper and the others(SPOILER MUCH? Forgive me!) will die. I really hate the boy who always say, "Brother!" Ang EPAL NYA TALAGA!!! >< 

Maganda talaga ang movie, guys!! Ang ganda nung war-waran nila! HAHAH! Akala ko talaga mamatay si Bella at si Edward pero hindi naman pala! Ang spoiler ko, sorry! Pero vision lang pala ni Alice lahat yun yung war-waran part. Akala ko talaga namatay na si Carlisle at si Jasper pero vision lang pala yun! Nung nakita nung leader ng volturi na mamatay siya sa war-waran, hindi niya nalang nilabanan ang mga Cullen's kasi siya rin ang dehado. Mamatay rin kasi siya sa huli kaya hindi natuloy ang war-waran nila! Ang ganda ni Renesme! HAHAH! At ang gwpao ni papa Jacob! <3 Ang ganda lang talaga ng movie! Sarap ulit-ulitin kaso butas na bulsa natin nyan pagnagkataon eh! HAHAH <3 

Ang masasabi ko lang, ang ganda ng pamilya nila Edward, Bella at Renesme! Gusto ko magkaroon ng daddy ay mommy na katulad nila, mygosh lang! HAHAHA <3 Magshashare pa ata ako nito sa susunod! Hindi ko na alama yung iba kung sasabihin. Nakalimutan ko! HAHAH! Basta ang ganda lang talaga!! ANG TINDI NG AFTERSHOCK SA AKIN! :DD

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So.. I think I'm busy today but I still manage to post *facepalm* Anyways.. I'm making my Individual work for Araling panlipunan, searching for the different meaning of the subshells(chemistry), watching the video of electromagnetic spectrum and cathode-ray tube, I'm gonna study about atoms and everything in between it for a possible activity sheet, researching about kaantasan ng pang-uri and lastly I'm gonna download the wattpad story "President turns to gangster princess" in my phone for me to read it after class.. So am I busy?

I think so :D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life Update

The title lol. That means an update about my life. Haha. Anyways.. I downloaded "3 words and 8 letters" and also "In Search." Those stories are both from wattpad sa cellphone ko. What else is new? Wattpad Addict ako bru! <3 I downloaded them even though I don't feel like reading 3w8l. The story is not straight to the point  Maraming chuva eklavush eh(SORRY AUTHOR!). But still I'll try to finish reading it kasi nasimulan ko na. About "In Search," I haven't read it yet but I'll definitely read it. The reviews/comments from the readers were great so maybe nice rin ang story :D

But now, I'm reading "Boy Next Door" sa lappy ko. Ang rami kong binabasa! Tsk. Hhahah yan talaga pag wattpad obsessed ka.

I have a problem kasi that's why I'm reading a lot of stories :( Remember that I told you wattpad is my anti-depressant in my recent post? Yun.

I didn't make my mass journal yet and didn't care to watch the video about cathode-ray tube. Patay ako bukas nito T.T GC(Grade Conscious) ako! So I'm gonna do those things later muna!! Hahha :) 

Walang Magawa

I don't know what to do :( I don't feel like reading wattpad stories :( I don't feel like watching Jane by design,  listening to other songs, writing poems.. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I'm so stressed out </3 Thinking about what happened last friday during math time, Hapit ko mag collapse!! I don't know why.. Maybe stressed? As in. Ughhh shiiiit this feeling! >:(

So sorry for this stupid post.

My TOP 5 wattpad stories

Ito yung mga stories na parang ikmatay ko na sa sobrang Kilig! Hhahahah! :D

1. She's Dating The Gangster by SGWannaBe
2. Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer
3. The Despicable 1 & 2 by shirlengtearjerky
4. My Girl and I by SGwannaBe
5. Tamako Sia by Blacklily

Actually, na'delete po yung The despicable guy book 1 kaya walang link :( Kung ibibigay ko naman link ng book 2, ma-spoil kayo! Kaya next time nalang :)

Nakakaiyak yan lahat! esp. top 1,4, at 5 :) Mga the best love story po yan lahat! Hindi kayo magsisisi kung babasahin nyo yan lahat :D


Alam nyo ba yung wattpad? Kung oo, maging friends naman tayo dali! Hhahah, JK :D Anyways gusto ko lang ishare kung anong naitulong ng wattpad sakin. Oo, mga stories nga ang mga nandoon and i love reading stories/novels/what. Stress reliever at anti-depression ko ang wattpad. Kapag may problema sa school, bahay or kahit ano, nagbabasa talaga ako ng wattpad. Kasi kung nagbabasa ako, nakakalimutan ko kasi yung mga problema. Parang na amnesia ba. Hhahaha :D Maganda po talaga yung wattpad! Magbasa kayo nun if you want to :D Punta lang kayo sa WATTPAD.COM

So.. Let me tell you kung paano ko nalaman ang wattpad! Funny nga eh! Nalaman ko lang yun dahil sa friend ko.. eto conversation namin nun:

Friend: Oy, Loraine! Favor naman oh.
Me: Oh? Ano yun?
Friend: Pabasa nung sinulat ko sa wattpad.
My Brain: knowing this friend parati nalang mga MULTO binibigay na link nito. Na trauma nako noh.
Me: Naku, tigil-tigilan mo nga ako baka multo na naman yan. Trauma nako girl.
Friend: MULTO!? Anong multo eh stories ang nandun eh! HAHAHHA
Me: Hindi mo na ako maloloko.
Friend: Try mong i'open HAHAH
*So inopen ko at.. HINDI NGA MULTO!*

Sheet akala ko talaga at first na mga multo HAHAH!

Ang una kong nabasa sa wattpad ay "You and I Collide" pero hindi ko yun tinapos. Mga April 2012 ata ako  naka-discover na may wattpad pala. Then May na binisita ko yung wattpad at naghanap ng stories at nakita ko yung "Let Me Be The One" ni ate mimi at sheeet lang! ANG GANDA SOBRA! Napaiyak nga ako nun eh :( Ang LMBTO yung unang wattpad story na natapos ko :) Then after nun nagbasa na ako ng ibang story at ang gaganda sobra! I'try ny guys kung hindi pa kayo nakabasa non! Pero kung nakabasa na kayo ng stories sa wattpad, chika tayo dali! Comment! HHAH :D


I'm going to fully make this blog as a true personal blog! Lol. Parang nag momonologue lang ako dito! Yun gusto kong gawin! I'll post as many posts as I can per day! Parang tumblr ba. Hhahaha! Ako lang natutuwa sa sarili ko! Pasensya na may topak lang talaga ako!

Ayun nga.. Ipopost ko lahat ng gusto kong sabihin o kung ano man pumapasok sa isip ko ngayon :) Yun kasi talaga gusto kong gawin eh. Sge. Salamat!!