Friday, December 30, 2011


I really thank God for this year. My favorite fashion bloggers, Japoy Lizardo mentioned me on their tweets and made a fansign for me. I met Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo 2 days before christmas and I met my fave bloggers. This year is so awesome! BTW, Danica Calapatan, gymnast medalist also mentioned me on her tweet but, I forgot to post it, sorry. Hehe, Again, thank you Father God!! :))
 Japoy Lizardo, taekwondo gold medalist, made a fansign for me! I love it and FYI, He's my crush! HAHA :))
 Yeah, I made a collage for this. I sooo love this day, december 10, 2011.  I met My fave Fashion Bloggers! :))
 They were here in Cebu, last December 23, 2011. I went here with my cousin, raquel and we split places and I saw Mikhaila and Darla(my friends). So, I chatted with them and then, they left me. So, I saw Marie together with her cousins and stayed with her the whole time.. But unfortunately, they left me. They went home resulting me, alone. :<
 Now, lemme tell you what happened to me while waiting for this two sweet couples. For me, their show wasn't worth the wait. why? Simply because the whole crowd was playing over my hair and I guess all worse things really happened there! I hate it! I really do regret. :((
 Sorry, I didn't have the chance to edit this. Anyways, That "fierclyloraineira" is my username in tumblr and I asked a bit to Japoy Lizardo and he replied! Thank God!

 Japoy Lizardo's tweets and Ate Kryz' tweets! :)) I LOVE IT!!
 Weee, ate Laureen Uy replied to my message! I'm so happy! :))
 Ate Kryz Uy Loves me too! :))
Weeee, :))

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