Monday, January 2, 2012


I just want to express my feelings, experiences and etc.. My 2011 was so great because I met my favorite fashion bloggers, I met Daniel Padilla and kathryn bernardo and most of all, Japoy Lizardo replied, made a fansign for me and even retweeted my tweets.. But then, I want to pursue my dream of becoming an actress, a famous and rich person. That's what I wanna do now this 2012. I will audition for the upcoming Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, audition for star magic. I know that I have the talent o act. I can cry whenever I want. I really wanna be an actress. And, I want to continue my dream also of becoming a professional soccer player, I'm just a simple soccer player at our school. Not that very good at playing but It's one of my passions. I'm just a 13-year old girl who wants to pursue my dreams! I want all of you to help me in pursuing it and please if you are interested, please leave a comment. If you know a person in showbiz or in a modelling career, please tell them about me. Persuade them to get me as one of their talents! Thanks and God Bless :)

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