Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are some photos yesterday for SINULOG 2012. Some photos were taken at the Cathedral and Ayala Terraces. Sinulog was sooo fun!! I can't wait for next year. But the bad thing for me is that, I didn't see any celebrities, yesterday and I hate it! I planned so much for yesterday but it went out to be nothing! But at least, I had fun with my family, relatives and cousins! :)

THE SENOR STO. NINO, The reason why we celebrate Sinulog :)

                Oh yeah, us. At the cathedral.

Me with my Cousins :)

          I LOVE MY SHOES! :)

                 The Kids! They were trying to find a fish! And, luckily they did! HAHAHA! :)) BTW, That boy with the brown jumper, that's my brother :)

             Sooo, Crowded! :)

           Me with my cousin, Raquel :)

                   My brother, Jerlit :)

              THE AYALA TERRACES :)

         My cousin, raquel, took this photo. I don't know why. Maybe she love the car! :>

                HAHA, me. Pls. ignore my ugly face! I'm just trying to take a shot. HAHA.

                This is my FAMILY! :) My dad, mom, and brothers!

Yeah, we end our day at the AYALA terraces and ate our lunch there. We planned to stay there until 9 pm to witness the wonderful firework display. But sadly, my uncle wants to go home. The place was really packed so we decided to go home! :)

PIT SENOR, Mga Cebuanos! :))

Loraine Ira :)

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