Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life Update

The title lol. That means an update about my life. Haha. Anyways.. I downloaded "3 words and 8 letters" and also "In Search." Those stories are both from wattpad sa cellphone ko. What else is new? Wattpad Addict ako bru! <3 I downloaded them even though I don't feel like reading 3w8l. The story is not straight to the point  Maraming chuva eklavush eh(SORRY AUTHOR!). But still I'll try to finish reading it kasi nasimulan ko na. About "In Search," I haven't read it yet but I'll definitely read it. The reviews/comments from the readers were great so maybe nice rin ang story :D

But now, I'm reading "Boy Next Door" sa lappy ko. Ang rami kong binabasa! Tsk. Hhahah yan talaga pag wattpad obsessed ka.

I have a problem kasi that's why I'm reading a lot of stories :( Remember that I told you wattpad is my anti-depressant in my recent post? Yun.

I didn't make my mass journal yet and didn't care to watch the video about cathode-ray tube. Patay ako bukas nito T.T GC(Grade Conscious) ako! So I'm gonna do those things later muna!! Hahha :) 

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