Saturday, February 11, 2012


HEY guys! I miss you, I miss blogging, I miss posting! So sorry for not being here for about a week or 2 weeks I guess.. I was really busy about school and styling priorities and also submitting application forms and posing for a magazine! HAHA, yeah in i-dressup. Well, I'm just being honest for what I did these past 2 weeks.

So, as my apology and offering(naks!) I want you to take a loot at these designs I made last, last saturday :))
I hope you're going to leave a comment! :)) Thanks! :))

This is NOT my design, guys. This is a design of ate Camille Co . So nice, fabulous and amazing, right?! RIGHT?! I'm LOL-ing right now! Sorry for that. Well, I saw this on style bible when I was browsing for some fabulous Prom dress. And, II fell in love with this design! I mean, look at that dress! It's SOO PINK <3 and so gorgeous!  

Thanks guys for taking a look at my designs. Much loviess! I hope you're gonna check out my blog everytime, and I'm gonna post my new designs sooner or later and promise to keep you posted! Thanks for reading my blog! Til next time.

Loraine Ira :*

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