Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last February 6, 2012 here in Cebu, Philippines and neighboring province, Negros Orriental was panicking about magnitude 6.9. I was at school at that time and we're going to take our lunch until a strong shake on the floor, I felt it and never thought that it was an earthquake because I just think that it was my classmate moving my chair but I was wrong until one of my classmate shouted that it was an earthquake! So we ducked under our armchair and was really rattled, thinking what to do next! The quake lasted for about a minute. It took it a minute to end!  So, I was really, really scared because if I go home, I will have to cross that bridge and maybe it will crack! And, it was my first time to experience a quake! 

Thank God, Cebu just felt the shake, but unfortunately, Negros was really the target of that quake! I feel so sad for them :<
So here are some photos and videos regarding what happened last monday:

The people were running because they thought that the water is coming after them. But, it was just a FALSE ALARM! Screw that person who announced about tsunami! 

These photos happened in Negros, I feel soooo sad for them! Please pray for them to recover from this devastating quake! I hate seeing people experiencing from this kind of devastations! >< Please pray for them all the time, it will be a great help for them..


Take a look what this bitch posted about us, visayans! I HATE HER!!

 Any reactions from what she did?! She's such a bitch and most of all, EVIL! Like Dofenshmirtz! Ughhh! I'm just so pissed for what she did to us! What did she ever think in her liitle, brainy! That we, visayans, are Freaking baduys?! Who is she to tell us that?!?! Well, in fact, she's the on who's BADUY! I HATE YOU, YOU DAMN, BITCH, AHCEE FLORES! ><

And, I was glad about this photo! Who won't be?! HAHAHAHA!

Guys, I would like to say sorry for being so provocative of my attitude. I just can't help this feeling, calling us, baduys?! And, praying us to death! I can't take all what she said! Sooo sorry, I'm just being honest of what I felt and I what I think about her. 

Loraine Ira :<

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