Saturday, November 17, 2012

Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Okay, so I know that I posted this last year but I just want to share it to you again! I met my 3 favorite fashion bloggers last year December 10, 2011. I still did not forgot the date! That's how I value different meetings especially if the one that I'm gonna meet are my favorites! Haha. They went here in cebu for a meet and greet at "What a girl wants" boutique or simply WAGW SM Cebu. That day was somehow one of my UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS/DAYS!! I can still remember how starstrucked I was when I finally met them! When I finally talked to them, hugged them, took a picture with them and everything! Lol. I can even remember when I asked ate Camille on how to get tall and she said, "Milk? Or Cheriffer?!" Hhahaha. That's what she had told me :D Even when I immediately went to sm supplies to buy a notebook for them to sign me an autograph and luckily, they really did!! How lucky I was :D Until it's time for me to go home and when I bid my goodbye to ate Camille(Cause she's really my favorite!), I told her that she really inspired me, that she's my favorite. The words that I told her was all true! I'm sincere. I don't wanna lie. And when I told her those, she cried :( I'm not making up stories here. I'm just telling you all the truth :D I told you, IT'S SO UNFORGETTABLE. UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. 

And because they are my favorite(including Tricia Gosingtian <3) I bought the September 2012 issue of the preview mag for me to support them! <3 I'm a die-hard fan! HAHAHA :D

Camille CoLaureen UyKryz UyTricia Gosingtian :D

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