Saturday, January 5, 2013

RDE #3: To-Do list for later

So tomorrow, January 7, 2012, our class will resume. And I haven't made any of my assignments/projects to be pass tomorrow :( These are the important things that I need to do later:

1. Go to church/attend the mass.
2. Buy the diff. materials to be used in chem(styroballs, pencil & watercolor).
3. Make the project in computer(to be put in a cartolina).
4. Edit the draft for Abstract and rationale(Investigatory project).
5. Make the English assignment.
6. Study for a quiz in Chemistry.
7. Make mass journal for Christian Living.

I have a lot of things to do for later :( I just hope I can finish it on time and I can have some time to read wattpad. Mygoooosh. Help me please :( Torture day will start later. Just Oh My Freaking Gosh! ><

I really don't like my Christmas Vacation. I was just at home the whole time. Sooo boring. And now I need to do all those things listed above. Great. Just great.


P.S. I hope I can finish all those things. Help me please, Oh God.

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