Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Day 2012

Last December 16, 2012, Sunday, we had a family day at our school. It was really, really fun. It's like a Christmas party, but we didn't exchange gifts or something. We just shared foods, just entertain our parents and etc. I can truly say that it's really THE BEST FAMILY DAY that happened in my entire life because there was a smooth flow of the program inside our classroom like a real variety show on tv. 

But before the program inside our classroom, we had our field demonstration. Our field demo's theme/concept was about the different dances across the world. For us, the grade 9 students, we were assigned to dance K-POP. All our efforts/energies during our practices were paid off because most of the teachers said that we danced well or they gave us good feedbacks. Successful. 

Modelling, singing, dancing, acting, comedy, etc. All the 9-Joy students did that. I took part in the modelling thing. I really don't like to join 'cause I'm not a model and first of all, I'm a shy person. But when I walked, I was just thinking that it's now or never(lol). At the end of the party, all of us danced including our adviser. Fun. The best word to describe that very day. 

photo credits to: Katelyn Cericos and Charise Lopena :) Sorry guys if I grabbed your pics! 


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