Friday, December 21, 2012


Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~~ OMFG! I'm a crazy fan girl esp. when it comes to Sehun of EXO-K! Gosh, I really, really love him to the nth power! He's so damn handsome and he dances soooo well! He makes me fall for him even better when he dance and do that poker face! :) I didn't even read wattpad these past few days because I always watch their music videos and his pictures. My gosh. Even though I replayed and replayed their videos, I don't care. All I care is that I can see how he dance and sing. I'm not a K-POP lover but because of Sehun, I always tune in to channel M to watch out for them. Honestly, I don't like Korean songs but because of him, I'm falling for K-POP. I just love him that everything doesn't matter now. My best friend who hates K-POP to the maximum level even teased me that I love K-POP and she even tried to stay away from me like I have a contagious disease. I was really hurt at that time and cried. But the next day, she apologized. Look at that? Me and my bff fought because of K-POP. I just love sehuuuuun soo much :) I think I'm obsessed with him now. Haha. I'm so weird. I know. Forgive me. I'm just inlove with SEHUN oppa! <3 


Crazy Fan gir here!~~

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